Founded in 2019, Shengdao intelligent technology co., ltd., is a dynamic and aspiring company dedicated to providing data products and data services for artificial intelligence companies. The business of Shengdao mainly includes data collection, data annotation, data products development and sales, and the development and operation of open data annotation platform.

Shengdao intelligent technology co., ltd., is the creator of Wanzhi. Wanzhi means endowing wisdom to everything. Wanzhi dataset products and services have reached many cutting-edge fields, including intelligent waste sorting, smart retail, intelligent education, WIT120, intelligent agriculture, sentiment analysis, intelligent finance, intelligent drive and intelligent industrial manufacturing. Since its inception, Wanzhi has grown into a precise, high-quality and reliable comprehensive data brand. In the AI journey of millions of clients, Wanzhi has become their most solid partner.

Shengdao has been insisting on using excellent talents to help great cause. Every employee of Shengdao has passed the company's serious screening and assessment. In Shengdao, we advocate “working with ease” and we provide flexible office environment for each employee by using flat management mode. Shengdao strictly controls the rights of data operation and provides unique data isolation scheme, which ensure the safety of clients’ data. Shengdao advocates high efficiency and is keen on high quality. Providing customers with accurate and high-quality data is the eternal goal of Shengdao.

The employees of Shengdao are vigorous and energetic, ambitious and down-to-earth, brilliant and self-effacing; they constantly perfecting their skill and persevering with dream. Shengdao always adhere to the principle of "customer first", repaying customers’ support and trust with accurate and high-quality data.

Now, Shengdao sets sail with dream and pursuit; in the future, Shengdao will keep on its pursuit and to be the one it is dreaming!