Data Annotation & Collection

  • Intelligent Waste Sorting

    Training robots quickly and accurately identify garbage by processing a large amount of data, so as to realize the intelligent classification of garbage

  • Smart Human Resources

    Let resume screening easier and more accurate by annotating a mass of recruitment information

  • Smart Retail

    Help companies gain important data related to smart retail; on the basis of smart retail, it also realizes the purpose of customer segmentation, customer new demand mining and market analysis

  • Financial Data Split

    Make multidimensional judgement to complicated financial data

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Handle all kinds of public sentiment news according to specific requirements

  • 3D Point Cloud

    Quickly and accurately model according to complex context

  • Semantic Segmentation

    Distinguish the elements in the images such as: cars, roads, signs and objects

  • WIT120

    Take medical imaging as the core; adopt advanced and normative method of the management, annotation and quality control of big data

  • Intelligent Transportation

    Provide data for pedestrian identification, vehicle identification, traffic light identification, vehicle condition recognition, etc.

  • Intelligent Agriculture

    Gather comprehensive agriculture data, including agriculture industry, internet of thing, plant protection, agriculture machinery, animal husbandry, agriculture capital, agriculture economy and agriculture science and education

  • Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing

    Effectively collect and process a large amount of data generated by enterprises in the process of industrial manufacturing; Help the manufacturing industry to realize the transformation of business model and improve the internal operation process of the manufacturing industry

  • Natural Language Processing

    Annotate the text according to personal feelings, the sense of words, or the characteristic of words

Service Process

  • Business Negotiations

  • Data Test

  • Customize Solutions

  • Sign Contracts

  • Professional Processing

  • Double Check

  • Product Delivery